Task Factory

Task Building for Your Organization

Task Factory simplifies the integration of AI into the repetitive tasks of your team members, allowing you to quickly achieve significant productivity gains.

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Tasks ready to use

Paradigm offers a ready-to-go list of task that your company can use to automate repetitive tasks. 

Get a well-organized view of all task that your co-workers have built.

Generative task builder

Behind every AI application, there is a prompt.
Prompt engineering is a new skill that is not easy to acquire.  

Paradigm helps your team to reduce the effort to build powerful tasks by a simple journey (No code). 

Task sharing

With Paradigm, you can share a ready-to-go interface with your colleagues, where they only need to give context to the large language model and receive their results with minimal effort. 

Build your task in 4 steps


Provide a brief description of the task template you want to create

Success criteria

Select success criteria auto generated to clarify your need

Context fields

Select fields that will guide users in providing essential context

Save and share

Save and share the task  with your colleagues

Introducing Alfred (40B)

Alfred (40B) is designed to be the reliable partner on your journey to integrate Generative AI into your business workflow. 

Discover Alfred

You can use Alfred or build your own LLM 



Deploy Paradigm in your infrastructure (on-premise or private cloud).



Create customized tasks that are specifically designed for each business unit.



Enhance your colleague's productivity with the implementation of automated tasks.

3 plans adapted to your need



  • 100K completions/month
  • API 
  • Fine-tuning 

Private cloud


  • Completion unlimited
  • API 
  • Fine-tuning 


Enterprise +

  • Completion unlimited
  • API 
  • Fine-tuning 

​Let's embark on a journey together. Contact us and let's explore the possibilities.

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