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We are LightOn

A pioneer in generative AI and LLM (Large Language Models)

More than just a company, LightOn positions itself as a strategic partner. In a context where generative AI takes center stage, AI sovereignty becomes a crucial issue.

The Alfred model and the Paradigm platform provide large corporations, government, and public institutions with tailored, efficient generative AI solutions that can be easily integrated into their infrastructure, ensuring data confidentiality.

Brand TagLine

Re-think AI for the Enterprise


Deliver Amazing GenAI to Enterprise and government.


To shape a future where AI integration is seamless and transformative, empowering to achieve unparalleled innovation and operational efficiency.


Founded in 2016, LightOn has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of large-scale artificial intelligence. With a unique approach combining model creation and software development, LightOn quickly emerged as an innovative player in generative AI.

Since 2020, LightOn's dedicated team has developed 12 Large Language Models (LLMs), showcasing their expertise and leading the way with solutions like Paradigm. Alfred, our flagship model, stands out with its advanced linguistic capabilities.

By 2022, recognizing the need for a comprehensive ecosystem and tailored tools for effective AI deployment, LightOn introduced Paradigm. This integrated solution facilitates the deployment of generative AI for top-tier companies, addressing their specific requirements.

LightOn Values

Re-think AI for the Enterprise

icon Efficiency

We are designed to drive efficiency and optimize business performance.

icon Agility

We strive to empower our clients to become more agile and responsive in the face of an ever-evolving market landscape.

icon Innovation

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of AI technology and delivering the most advanced and innovative solutions to our clients.

icon Knowledge

We believe in the power of knowledge and expertise, and strive to create intuitive, AI-powered solutions that facilitate their acquisition and retention.

icon Empowerment

Our ultimate goal is to enable our clients to fully leverage the potential of AI and achieve their business objectives.

Our team

One of the major strengths of LightOn lies in its diversity. With an international team made up of 25 passionate experts, the company celebrates cultural richness by welcoming talents from more than ten different nationalities. 

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Discover the team

What we do?

Training Large language Models

Crafting Digital Assistants for Your Needs

Imagine having a digital assistant capable of writing in multiple European languages, tailored to precisely reflect your organization's voice. That's what LightOn offers with its Large Language Models.

1. Custom-Built Digital Assistants:

Think of it as crafting a bespoke digital assistant. Whether you need a fresh model or want to tweak an existing one, LightOn has the expertise. With models ranging from the size 1B parameters over 100B parameters, the possibilities are vast.

2. Tailored to Your Needs:

It's like having a tool custom-made. Pick any model, and LightOn will fine-tune it, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your objectives.

3. A Polyglot at Your Service:

This digital assistant isn't just fluent in English. It can converse and write in a plethora of European languages, including Spanish, French, German, and more.

4. Evolving with Feedback:

Imagine training this digital assistant to respond better based on feedback. With the RLHF pipeline, it learns from user insights, ensuring it resonates more with your preferences over time.

5. Trust in Expertise:

Rely on LightOn's blend of advanced tools, experience, and collaborations to deliver a top-tier digital assistant for your needs. 


Your GenAI Copilot

Imagine a toolkit, named "Paradigm", designed to deploy generative AI at the heart of large organizations' processes. Paradigm houses powerful tools that simplify the integration of generative AI.

1. Task Factory
Task Factory democratizes generative AI. Any member of an organization can integrate AI into their daily tasks.

2. Chat with Your Documents: Instant Knowledge Access
More than just a search, it's an interactive way to delve into company documents, obtaining instant and justified responses through excerpts.

3. Infrastructure Flexibility: Set Up Anywhere
The beauty of this toolkit lies in its simplicity. Paradigm is directly installed within the client's infrastructure, allowing them to harness the full power of generative AI without the technical hassle, and with absolute trust in data security.

4. Reporting: Keeping a Finger on the Pulse
Track the use and performance of the technology, ensuring the organization gets the most out of every AI feature. 


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Questions (FAQ)

1. How does LightOn distinguish itself from other AI solutions on the market?

LightOn stands out due to its deep expertise in training Large Language Models (LLM) and its Paradigm platform, specifically designed for Enterprise. Our unique approach combines the expertise to craft LLMs with ready ti use tools to facilitate the integration of generative AI into production, all while ensuring data security and confidentiality.

2. In which sectors or industries has Paradigm already been adopted, and with what results?

Paradigm has been embraced in various sectors, including SEO, defense, healthcare, Aeronautic. Companies in these sectors have reported significant productivity gains, improved decision-making based on AI-generated insights, and enhanced productivity due to Paradigm's ability to transform document databases into interactive chatbots.

3. How does Paradigm ensure the confidentiality and security of user data?

Confidentiality and security are at the heart of Paradigm's concerns. The solution is designed to be deployed directly on the companies' servers, ensuring that all data remains within the client's infrastructure. Moreover, we implement strict data governance measures, allowing businesses to specify permissions and control access to their information.

4. What are the upcoming developments or innovations planned for Paradigm?

We are continually seeking improvements and innovations for Paradigm. Among the planned developments, we aim to expand the range of languages supported by our LLMs, introduce more advanced analysis tools to assist businesses in evaluating their model's performance, and explore integrations with other popular platforms to offer maximum flexibility to our users.

Latest news

Les Echos

Les Echos published an article on October 17th, 2023, covering the digital subsidiary of La Poste's collaboration with LightOn, Aleia, and NumSpot to unveil a 'sovereign' generative AI solution. In the article, it's mentioned that in hospitals, the chatbot could help better manage patient data

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Le MagIT

LeMagIT released an article on May 15th, 2023, covering the Artefact event featuring Igor Carron, Co-CEO and co-founder of LightOn. In the article, Igor Carron stresses the importance of data security when using large language models and emphasizes Europe's requirement to create a favorable ecosystem for AI builders to prosper.

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La Tribune

On Monday, April 17th, 2023, Laurent Daudet, Co-CEO and co-founder of LightOn, interviewed by La Tribune to discuss how in a time where some European countries have taken the path of blocking ChatGPT due to data sovereignty concerns, it is more important than ever to discuss the significance of this issue and how LightOn's strategy has helped the French startup succeed in this highly competitive field.

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BFM Business

On Thursday, March 23rd, Laurent Daudet, who is the Co-CEO of LightOn, appeared on BFM Business' "Good Morning Business" show. During the program, he provided information on LightOn's latest large language model called MINI, which has 40 billion parameters. Additionally, Daudet discussed how LightOn's Paradigm offer is a secure and ideal alternative for companies that value data privacy.

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Le Figaro

On Wednesday 17th 2023, Laurent Daudet, the Co-CEO of LightOn, gave an interview with Ingrid Vergara in Le Figaro to discuss LightOn's unique LLM model with 40 billion parameters that guarantees data sovereignty. With its Paradigm platform, companies can improve their efficiency while keeping their data secure. You can read the full interview to learn more about LightOn.

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Les Echos

On Wednesday 08th 2023, Laurent Daudet, the Co-CEO of LightOn, discussed with Adrien Lelièvre in Les Echos how Paradigm's Large Language Models installed in a private environment can improve a company's efficiency. Daudet also touched upon the competition with OpenAI / ChatGPT. If you want to find out more about LightOn and its Paradigm platform, read the full interview. 

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 BFM Tech&Co

On Wednesday 8th March 2023, Laurent Daudet, the Co-CEO of LightOn was invited to the Tech&Co show on BFM Business to announce the launch of #Paradigm, the AI platform for businesses that ensures the protection of intellectual property and data sovereignty. Click the link to watch the show.

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On Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 Laurent Daudet, CEO and co-founder of LightOn, discussed LightOn Muse, the first tool of the new wave of ultra-powerful artificial intelligence for language, on the Tech & Co show hosted by François Sorel. Tech & Co can be seen or heard from Monday to Thursday on BFM Business.

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