Large Language Model Training

LLM Building for Your Organization

LightOn stands out in the training of large language models, with a track record of creating models ranging from 1B to over 100B parameters.

Craft new models or customize existing ones according to your needs using the world's most powerful codebase.

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Choose any model, and we'll adapt it to fit your objectives.

Harness existing models to serve your purpose.


Models support a wide range of European languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch.

Human feedback

Your model will evolve to resonate more with your preferences. Our RLHF pipeline lets you gather user feedback and incorporate it seamlessly. 

Your own model

 Trust in LightOn's expertise, advanced tools, and partnerships to deliver a high-performing model.

​Few Prime Model Examples from LightOn

Core Offering

Discover the power of LightOn's advanced codebase licensing, granting you direct access to the forefront of technological innovation. Benefit from robust computing capabilities tailored to propel your projects to success. Our commitment is to empower you with unparalleled training large language models.

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LightOn's models rank among the industry's top-tier for both accuracy and reliability.



Deploy your model in your infrastructure (on-premise or private cloud).



Codebase enables faster model training by 25%, delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business.

​Let's embark on a journey together. Contact us and let's explore how we can train your LLM.