Chat with your Documents

​Faster Time to Insight for Your Organization

Transform your document database into an interactive chatbot, delivering immediate answers and insights. No privacy concerns, as this solution is deployed directly on your servers.

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Connect your Knowledge base

Instantly tap into your organization's collective knowledge. Get answers in real-time, reducing the time spent searching through documents.Enjoy benefits like vectorized storage, privacy control, and justification of answers for enhanced confidence in responses.

Chat with your Documents

Achieve faster insights with the Chat Interface. Communicate directly with your documents and get relevant extracts and justifications instantly.


Make informed decisions faster by tracking real-time metrics and user interactions. Track key metrics such as the number of questions asked, most frequently accessed documents, top category intents, and user satisfaction levels measured by feedback ratios.

Build your Chat with Docs in 4 steps

Connect your Knowledge base

Integrate internal documents and databases seamlessly into Chat with Docs.


Leverage our advanced embedding model and vectorial database for lightning-fast retrieval of relevant information.

Data gouvernance

Take control over data governance by specifying document sharing permissions.

Share your chatbot

Your fully-equipped chatbot is now ready to engage with end users!

Introducing Alfred (40B)

Alfred (40B) is designed to be the reliable partner on your journey to integrate Generative AI into your business workflow. 

Discover Alfred

You can use Alfred or build your own LLM 



LightOn's models rank among the industry's top-tier for both accuracy and reliability.



Deploy your chat with docs in your infrastructure (on-premise or private cloud).



Use the chatbot for internal purposes, or share it with external users to automate support queries.

3 plans adapted to your need



  • 100K completions/month
  • API 
  • Fine-tuning 


Private cloud

  • Unlimited number of completions
  • API 
  • Fine-tuning 

Enterprise +


  • Unlimited number of completions
  • API 
  • Fine-tuning 

​Let's embark on a journey together. Contact us and let's explore the possibilities.

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