Paradigm API: 
Simplifying Gen AI integration
Save Time, Unleash Potential

Effortless LLM Deployment for Your Infrastructure

Paradigm API is designed to empower both technical and non-technical users, offering a seamless way to incorporate Gen AI into your custom applications

Paradigm by LightOn is more than just an API – it's a gateway to the future of AI integration.

Structured Output 

 Customize the format of your responses

Collect Feedback

Customize feedback types through the admin panel

Agnostic Model

Regardless of whether users have GPU support, our API will allow calling any model

Agnostic Infrastructure

Adaptable to various infrastructures, including on-premises setups, private clouds, and SaaS

API Key Management

Administrate API keys with ease, managing user access and linking data through a user-friendly admin interface.

API Endpoints

Diverse endpoints for AI interactions, document management, and conversational engagement.

Compatibility with Industry-Standard APIs

Paradigm API is designed for easy integration if you're accustomed to the leading APIs in the market. With a simple adjustment of the URL in your current setup, you can connect seamlessly.