LightOn is grounded in foundation R&D for AI, including innovative hardware

LightOn OPU: Photonic computing for Machine Learning at scale

We developed photonic computing hardware (Optical Processing Units – OPUs) of interest to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and HPC.
LightOn’s photonic computing technology boosts some generic tasks in Machine Learning such as training and inference of high-dimensional data. It can be used in the context of supervised and unsupervised learning, with batch processing or streaming data.

  • OPUs are highly integrated with CPUs and GPUs so that it boosts their respective performance.
  • OPUs can be seamlessly accessed through an Open Source Python API called LightOnML, available here:
  • Benchmark code to compare the performance of CPU and GPU with our OPU are available on Github
  • Our white paper on hardware is available at this location.
  • The hardware FAQ is available here at this location.

The OPU is the first large-scale hybrid digital / analog computing platform for AI.

Photonic Quantum Computing

LightOn Qore quantum photonic processors are all versatile, powerful, and low-loss platforms designed for the rapidly growing field of NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) computing.