Partnership LightOn & Orange Business

Orange Business, LightOn, and HPE partner to offer trusted AI generative solutions

Orange Business and LightOn launched a new offer for end-to-end and trusted generative AI projects in France. This strategic partnership between Orange Business, LightOn, and HPE, a leader in hybrid cloud, aims to provide complete and reliable generative AI solutions to meet the varied needs of businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Through this partnership, Orange Business is the first actor in France to provide a trusted solution covering the entire life cycle of a  generative AI project. The new generative AI offers, "Trusted GenAI powered by Orange Business", are supported by high-bandwidth servers and GPUs hosted in Orange's data centers in France, operated and managed by Orange Business teams on Cloud Avenue. These solutions therefore ensure that businesses keep total control of data and cost management, particularly for large-scale deployments.

One of the key offers is a turnkey generative AI SaaS solution with LightOn. This fully integrated offer is intended for companies of all sizes wishing to have a ready-to-use solution adaptable to many uses such as document management, reporting, and content generation. LightOn offers a complete solution including a Large Language Model (LLM) engine and an intuitive business interface that makes use and optimization extremely easy, even for non-experts. This unique market solution, highly adaptable to the context of each organization, enables the integration of specific document bases.

Moreover, Orange Business offers a GPU-as-a-Service offer for training and inference. This IaaS offer is aimed at customers wishing to have total control over a trusted infrastructure capable of hosting any type of generative AI project. Orange Business provides dedicated material resources (GPUs) on its Cloud Avenue platform, on which companies can deploy their own LLM models with the partner of their choice, with considerable flexibility and computing power.

To learn more about this partnership, see the interview with the CEO of Orange Business or consult the PR

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