Paradigm: Maximizing the Value of your LLM from Day 0!

As businesses continuously seek innovative methods to enhance productivity and efficiency, Paradigm emerges as a groundbreaking AI platform poised to transform text-based tasks across a multitude of industries. By harnessing the power of Large Language Models (LLMs).

Privacy is of utmost importance in today's digital landscape. Paradigm addresses this concern by offering a platform that can be deployed within your infrastructure, ensuring the security of your data, intellectual property, and privacy.

Paradigm aims to unlock new avenues for organizations to excel in their respective fields while prioritizing: 

  • Privacy: We take the security of your data, IP, and privacy seriously by offering a platform that can be deployed in your infrastructure.

  • Easy to serve: With the control tower feature, comprehensive dashboards, prompt management services, fine-tuning tools and exceptional support our turnkey platform is designed to make managing and optimizing your language model deployment effortless.

  • Rapid Customization: Based on your own usage and human feedback, rapidly build custom versions of an already powerful LLM into the engine of your growth.

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach - experience the power, security, and customization of foundation models technology. 

Paradigm key features

Paradigm a turnkey AI platform that includes 7 main features to make LLM easy to serve:

A State of the Art LLM (Mini): boasting an impressive 40 billion parameters, Mini is a formidable addition to the growing array of language models available in the market today. Despite its diminutive size that allows deployment at scale, the model packs a powerful punch and delivers  results that are on par or better than much larger models. 

The amount of data in Mini corpus is 1 trillion tokens. We mainly used data from the public web to pre-train our model, with strong filtering, toxicity reduction, and deduplication to ensure that only high-quality data is retained.

2. Ready-to-use demos: To further demonstrate the versatility of LLMs, the platform offers a variety of ready-to-use demo applications aimed at building practical, real-world applications. Hosted on GitHub and accessible via URL, these demos serve as an invaluable resource for developers and businesses alike.

3. Control tower: feature streamlines the management and optimization of a company's language model deployment, facilitating the tasks of the person in charge.

Paradigm's comprehensive mission control features encompass user management, API key management, cost tracking, performance monitoring across use cases, data extraction from generated model data, and user satisfaction tracking to ensure continuous improvement and fine-tuning. 

4. Dashboard: The platform's user-friendly dashboard provides a seamless experience for managing and optimizing LLMs, guaranteeing optimal results for text-based tasks within the enterprise.

5. Efficient fine tuning tools: Rapid customization sets Paradigm apart, allowing organizations to build custom versions of an already powerful LLM based on their own usage and human feedback, turning the language model into a driving force for growth.

6. Embedding & Search connector: The platform's adaptive infrastructure ensures seamless integration and smooth operation within hours, regardless of the existing infrastructure. Compatibility with both open-source and client-specific solutions allows for effortless content embedding, including prompts, summaries, and search results. An integrated tool for efficient and streamlined searching further enhances its capabilities.

7. Dev tools connector: Designed to work in harmony with popular open-source tools like Langchain and GPT Index, Paradigm facilitates a smooth and effective development process for organizations.

Paradigm's Control Tower feature, comprehensive dashboards, prompt management services, fine-tuning tools, and exceptional support make managing and optimizing language model deployment effortless. Paradigm signifies a new era in enterprise solutions, offering a versatile AI platform that leverages the power of LLMs to streamline and enhance business productivity. With its robust features, compatibility, and focus on privacy and customization, Paradigm is set to become an indispensable tool for organizations seeking to revolutionize their approach to text-based tasks.

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