LightOn’s Show-Stopping Presence at VivaTech

An Emphasis on Paradigm, the Future of Enterprise Generative AI

VivaTech 2023 was a milestone event for us at LightOn. Partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we championed the potent intersection of AI and enterprise, underscored by GenerativeAI.

Significant events took place during #Vivatech, including:

A distinct moment was when French President, Emmanuel Macron, acknowledged us as a GenerativeAI leader in France and Europe. This recognition deepened our commitment to driving AI advancement.

Being chosen as a Laureate by La French Tech 2030 for their NEXT program solidified our role as pioneers within the French tech ecosystem.

LightOn has been selected by the Île-de-France Region to participate in the AI experimentation within its administration, aimed at enhancing the quality of future public services.

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Aleia & LightOn join forces and launch an industrial, secure, European offering of large language models starting from the fall of 2023!

Exciting Launch of Paradigm

At VivaTech, we were thrilled to present Paradigm, our Generative AI solution builder for enterprises. Paradigm is engineered to redefine AI's role in business operations, streamline decision-making, and unearth fresh opportunities. 

By allowing businesses to easily manage the life cycle of generative AI within the company, Paradigm paves the way for companies to leverage this technology. 

In addition to introducing this innovative platform, we are also excited to extend an invitation to companies to join the wait list to test Paradigm 

Join the wait list

VivaTech was a turning point for us at LightOn, showcasing our potential in shaping GenerativeAI's future, particularly with solutions like Paradigm.

As we look to the future, we invite you to join us. If you're intrigued by the endless possibilities that GenerativeAI offers, it's time to take action. Contact us today to schedule a Paradigm demo. Experience firsthand how our solutions can revolutionize your business operations. Embrace the future of GenerativeAI. It’s here, it’s now, and with LightOn, it's brighter than ever

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