Docaposte launches its 1st sovereign generative AI solution in partnership with French players LightOn, Aleia, and NumSpot.

Docaposte, a key player in digital trust and a subsidiary of La Poste Group, joins forces with LightOn, Aleia, and NumSpot to offer its first sovereign and industrial generative AI solution. Available from November 2023, this offering is particularly aimed at public and private entities dealing with sensitive data, looking to accelerate their digital transformation and operational efficiency through trusted generative AI.

Facing the revolutionary impact of generative AI and the identified risks associated with this new technology, Docaposte aims to provide public and private entities with the opportunity to harness the potential of generative AI while ensuring data protection and project confidentiality.

As a trusted digital trust player, Docaposte, in collaboration with three French technology partners—LightOn, Aleia, and NumSpot—launches its 1st sovereign and trusted generative AI solution. The initial component of this industrial generative AI solution offers a conversational agent based on natural language understanding.

A Secure, Sovereign, and Powerful Solution

The launch of this solution aligns with Docaposte's strategy for mastering the sovereign value chain of data and artificial intelligence, from data collection and hosting to processing and analysis. Targeted at all public and private entities handling sensitive data or operating in highly sensitive sectors, Docaposte's sovereign generative AI solution will optimize the efficiency of various professions and processes, including knowledge modeling and decision-making support. It will also extend automation possibilities for certain tasks and strengthen organizations' efficiency and productivity.

This solution, addressing strategic autonomy challenges in generative AI, will find numerous professional and sectoral applications in healthcare, public administrations, and regulatory compliance, among others.

"The alternative solution to existing offers we propose is the first component of a suite designed to promote the deployment of generative AI uses in a sovereign and trusted framework. The development of this solution demonstrates Docaposte's ability to master end-to-end artificial intelligence technologies by bringing together sovereign actors," highlights Olivier Vallet, CEO of Docaposte.

An Unprecedented Alliance Among French Data and AI Players

This generative AI solution was designed and developed by Docaposte's data/AI division, under the coordination of Guillaume Leboucher.

To offer this offering composed of 100% sovereign technological assets, Docaposte collaborates with three French technology partners:

  • LightOn, which develops robust large language models and a platform, Paradigm, ensuring optimal performance in various use cases.
  • Aleia, whose collaborative AI-specialized platform offers secure and easily deployable workspaces.
  • NumSpot, a public cloud provider that hosts data and AI projects in a sovereign and trusted SecNumCloud-qualified environment. NumSpot is a consortium led by Docaposte with La Banque des Territoires, Dassault Systèmes, and Bouygues Telecom.

Through this partnership of expertise and skills, Docaposte demonstrates that there is a robust and powerful French alternative in generative artificial intelligence, offering security, confidentiality, project isolation, traceability, and guarantees in data and model usage.

Docaposte will soon present an initial application of this generative AI solution through a demonstration of a use case in healthcare.

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