Introducing Alfred-40B-1023:

Pioneering the Future of Open-Source Language Model from LightOn

We are thrilled to unveil Alfred-40B-1023, the latest iteration of our celebrated open-source Language Model. Building on the solid foundation of its predecessor, Alfred-40B-1023 represents a significant leap forward, catering specifically to the needs of enterprises.

What's New in Alfred-40B-1023?

Alfred-40B-1023 boasts a range of enhancements and new features, including:

  • Reduced Hallucinations: One of the standout features of Alfred-40B-1023 is its refined ability to minimize hallucinations, ensuring more accurate and reliable outputs.
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: In situations where the model lacks a definitive answer, Alfred-40B-1023 is now programmed to state, "I don't know", enhancing its transparency and trustworthiness.
  • Superior 'Chat with Docs' Capability: Alfred-40B-1023 is trained to perform 'Chat with Docs' tasks like no other, streamlining document interaction and information retrieval.
  • Expanded Context: With an increased context of 8K tokens, Alfred-40B-1023 can comprehend and generate longer and more intricate content, ensuring detailed and comprehensive responses.
Continuing the Legacy of Its Predecessor

Much like its predecessor, which was recognized for its prompt engineering, no-code application development, and classic LLM tasks, Alfred-40B-1023 is poised to set new benchmarks. The Falcon model continues to be the backbone, with Alfred-40B-1023 refining its capabilities to serve as an even more effective Generative AI copilot.

More than Just a Model – Introducing Paradigm:

Paradigm is not just a platform; it's a conviction. We firmly believe that the future of AI in enterprises and governments lies not just in models but in a robust platform equipped with tools to deploy this groundbreaking technology seamlessly.

Commitment to Open Source

In line with LightOn's dedication to promoting progress in the field, Alfred-40B-1023 is offered as an open-source model. While we persistently enhance the model, the open-source version might differ from the one on the Paradigm platform, ensuring that Paradigm users always have access to the most advanced version.

Training and Accessibility

Alfred-40B-1023 continues to benefit from the efficient and reliable infrastructure of Amazon SageMaker for its training. Soon, Alfred-40B-1023 will also be available on platforms like HuggingFace and AWS Jumpstart for Foundation Models, making its integration into diverse workflows even smoother.

Join Us in This Exciting Journey

We believe in the collective strength of the Generative AI community. With the release of Alfred-40B-1023, we showcase our deep expertise in training personalized models tailored to our clients' needs.

We invite the global community – to join us. Dive into Alfred-40B-1023, contribute, and be a part of this transformative journey. We’re not just offering a model; we're sharing a vision of the future.

Be sure to catch our unveiling of Alfred-40B-1023 during the AI Pulse Keynote.

About LightOn:

A torchbearer in the Generative AI domain, LightOn is redefining the boundaries of AI capabilities. With a blend of pioneering models and robust platforms like Paradigm, we're guiding enterprises and governments into the next AI frontier.

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