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To shape a future where AI integration is seamless and transformative, 

​empowering the Enterprise to achieve unparalleled innovation and operational efficiency.


Founded in 2016 with the ambition to push the boundaries of extreme-scale AI.


In 2021, LightOn releases PAGnol, the largest French Language Model.


In 2022, LightOn, in collaboration with the OATML group at Oxford and the Debora Marks Lab at Harvard, unveils RITA, a protein model.


in 2022, LightOn unveils Lyra-fr, a state-of-the-art French language model.


In 2023, LightOn unveils Alfred-40B-0723, an open source LLM for businesses.


In 2023, LightOn officially launches Paradigm, a generative AI platform for large companies.

We are LightOn

A pioneer in generative AI and LLM (Large Language Models)

More than just a company, LightOn positions itself as a strategic partner. In a context where generative AI takes center stage, AI sovereignty becomes a crucial issue.

The Alfredmodel and the Paradigm platform provide large corporations, government, and public institutions with tailored, efficient generative AI solutions that can be easily integrated into their infrastructure, ensuring data confidentiality.

Founded in 2016, LightOn quickly established itself as an emblematic figure of artificial intelligence in France. ​

One of the major strengths of LightOn lies in its diversity. With an international team made up of 25 passionate experts, the company celebrates cultural richness by welcoming talents from more than ten different nationalities. ​ 

Since 2020, the dedicated LightOn team has built no fewer than 12 Large Language Models (LLMs), demonstrating their competence and while being at the forefront of innovation thanks to solutions like Paradigm.

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