Paradigm: Powerful private LLMs for the Enterprise

What Paradigm can do for your company

Do you want to host your own ChatGPT or GPT-3 in your own infrastructure? Do you want to be able to train Large Language Models (LLM) as, or more powerful than, GPT-3 on your own company data? Do you want your Business Units to go from ideas to Proof of Concepts in hours instead of weeks thanks to On-prem Large Language Models? Do you want to be able to automate time consuming knowledge work in your organization? Do you think your organizational processes could be amply simplified by providing company knowledge beyond templates? Do you think Business Units ought to be able to prototype rapidily new applications and products? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need Paradigm, LightOn’s On-prem Large Language Models for the Enterprise offering.

With Paradigm, you can:

Train powerful Large Language Models from scratch on your own data
Enable your Business Units to go from ideas to Proof of Concepts in hours instead of months
Provide actionable insights for your company
Automate time-consuming knowledge work processes efficiently
Based on the LightOn’s unmatched science and technology implementation totalling several millions GPU hours, Paradigm brings you the most powerful models to your servers, on your data, for your use cases. Our Paradigm offer includes:

Large Language models and generative AI on-prem & inference
Dedicated support channel
Workshops for training and using models
Simple No-Code interface to LLM powered applications
Custom models & fine-tuning
With Paradigm, companies can have the full benefit and control of Enterprise centric on-prem Large Language Models. Don’t miss out and learn more about this amazing opportunity.